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Europa Donna Cyprus x Beautyline stores

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Our mission was to create an eye catching Canvag for Europa Donna Cyprus, an oganisation that provides support to individuals with breast and gynecological cancer. After a heart warming visiting at Europa Donna's House, the word "Brave" automatically popped into our head (and then on our Canvag). A powerful word that describe patients, fighters, their supporting system and individuals who lost a loved one in the process. "Brave" was stistched on pink fun sized Canvags, with the last letter "e" depicting a pink ribbon.

The pink Canvag has been exclusively sold at all 17 Beautyline Stores accross Cyprus for the year 2021 and donated the amount of €12,334 to Europa Donna Cyprus.

Let's honour, encourage and inspire Brave women at every stage of their journey. Together we can spread awareness and make a difference!. 


Read full story coverage on:  
Must Magazine 

Absolut Dare Campaign

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We've been part of the Absolut Vodka Challenge where artists turned Absolut Vodka bottles into unique art pieces in order to auction them and collect profits for a good cause.

 Art collectors and Absolut Vodka bottles collectors from Cyprus and abroad showed a big interest, that helped raise the amount of €,16,050 which was given for the support of the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family, “SPAVO”.

Find out more here  and here 

Vamos Bitchachos

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This Canvag was made to travel the world with  travel blogger Evie - founder of Vamos Bitchachos. Our shoulder Canvag features summer and winter elements Evie loves,

a true motivation to make you travel!

Our lightweight  and practical design allows you to travel with just a Canvag and fit everything you need - try it!

Madame Figaro Cyprus for Women's Day

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We created a custome made Canvag with Madam Figaro for Women's Day, to remind us that if you feel like a woman then you are a woman! This all inclusive message was portrayed on the word "Femme", on a deep gray fun size Canvag.

Pride Month 2023

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A unique shoulder Canvag was created for Pride month - organised by ACCEPT, the organisation, that works towards supporting LGBT people and eliminate discrimination against the community in Cyprus.  The words "Be Kind" in rainbow colours were proudly embroidered on our Canvag for the whole month of June. 

 Read more here 

Bridal Customizations

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Our talent goes a step further in customizing Canvags for brides & their tribe, embroidering on veils and designing bespoke Canvags from one-off luxury fabrics. Is your special day coming up soon? Get in touch & make an impression


Special Event Gifts

We put great effort when it comes to your special event! whether that's a Christening, wedding, party or corporate event we will make sure that colours, words and images match your vibe! Even your napkins

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